Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal in South Jersey

Every NJ wallpaper removal job is unique in many ways. Sometimes it’s a snap to remove, and other times it can be a long and difficult process. All wallpapers are not made the same there are 10 basic types of wallpaper: Printed wallpaper, Un-backed fabric, Solid vinyl, Relief, Vinyl coated, Flocked, Foil, Cork-faced, Grass cloth/burlap, Paper-backed fabric.

In some cases, we have seen New Jersey homes with multiple layers of paper, and in extreme cases, wallpaper that has been painted over. Nevertheless, we will  come out to your property and assess the south jersey wallpaper removal job that you have at hand. We will then give you our recommendations as to what we feel is best in handle your unique project!


We only remove wallpaper when taking on the complete wallpaper removal & painting project as a package. DIY information to removal wallpaper can be found here: How To Remove Wallpaper