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South Jersey Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Southern, NJ

We restore textured ceilings back to a smooth paintable surface again!

  1. Popcorn ceiling removal floor protection - floors are covered with 3ml plastic 

  2. Popcorn ceiling removal wall protection - walls are draped with 1ml plastic 

  3. Popcorn ceiling removal in progress - half has been removed and half remains

  4. Popcorn ceiling removal in kitchen - cabinets are draped with 1ml plastic 

  5. Popcorn ceiling removal clean up - 3ml plastic is rolled up then placed in contractor bags, leaving floors clean

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Prices

  • Small rooms: 12x12 - $600
  • Mid-size rooms: 15x15 - $850
  • Large rooms: 18x14 - $1,000

Prices listed below, are just to give you a ballpark - actual prices will be determined at the in home estimate

We charge approximately $2.95 per sq. ft., to remove the popcorn from your ceiling. If you have a 15x15 foot ceiling, 8' height, then it will cost approximately $665.00 to remove the popcorn in that room. After the popcorn is removed, the ceilings will need to be primed & painted.

Priming & Painting Prices

For optimum results, we recommend (2) coats of Zinsser Paint & Primer in 1 ceiling paint, and charge approximately 0.82 per square foot, to include; paints and labor.

Products we use and recommend are as follows:ZINSSER CEILING PAINT

Combo - Popcorn Removal, Priming & Painting Cost

Total price for a 15x15 foot ceiling, 8' height, would be approximately $850.00 to include all paints, material, supplies and disposal of popcorn.

Factors that will add to the cost of the job:
  1. Size of room(s)

  2. Number of rooms in Scope of Work

  3. Painted over popcorn

  4. Furniture in work areas

  5. Ceiling height (vaulted or cathedral ceilings)

* All jobs are not priced per square foot (difficulty factors may apply).

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