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A. Federico Painting Co.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey



Residential Painting Services in NJ



South Jersey Interior Painting Services

Southern, NJ

Your home is your castle and the most expensive asset you have, therefore, your interior painting and decorating work must be impeccable. I understand this philosophy and live by the same set of high standards as you, ‘the customer’. I guarantee to deliver as promised (for your Camden County, Burlington County or Gloucester County painting project), the high-end quality painting work that you expect as a consumer. Interior Painting services in South Jersey - Interior Painting Company

Its simple, you value your home and we value your business!

A large percentage of our business is repeat customers and referrals. Some of our many repeat customers date back to the mid 90’s. Our high-quality - detailed south jersey painting work - speaks for itself and our New Jersey customers speak for us!

Thanks NJ!

Anthony Federico

We are more than confidant that our work will exceed your expectations!

Things you should know before the painting project begins

  1. Load In: we ask that you allow us to park the work Van in your driveway. This gives us easy access to our painting tools and supplies throughout the workday.

  2. Shop Area: once tools, equipment, painting supplies and paints are loaded into your home, we will need an area on the job site (approx - 8’x8’), to store the aforementioned items for the duration of the job. We find that the garage, basement or spare room works best for us.

  3. Production: be prepared for us to start immediately upon arrival to the job site.

  4. Job Coordination: it is our goal, to complete your painting project in the allotted time-frame as discussed. We will often have a work plan that may involve working in multiple rooms throughout the workday. Example:  when paints and/or patching spackle (in associated rooms), requires adequate dry time to recoat, we move on to the next room(s) to stay productive. Our main reason for working in this fashion, is to keep the production rate on schedule and complete the job within budget.

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